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Animal Trivia

Animal trivia questions are popular with kids, but adults can get their own questions which are a bit more difficult than those for kids. We try to keep the questions challenging but not so difficult that it takes the fun out of the game. See if you know enough animal trivial to be a formidable opponent for friends and family.

Which farm animals sleep while standing up?Show AnswerWhat is the tallest animal in the World?Show AnswerWhat is the fastest land animal?Show AnswerWhat type of animal are the great white, and the hammerhead?Show AnswerWhat type of animal can live both on land and in the water?Show AnswerWhat does a caterpillar change into as an adult?Show AnswerWhat are animals which only eat meat called?Show AnswerWhat are animals which only eat plants called?Show AnswerWhat are animals that feed milk to their young called?Show AnswerWhat is the primary food of Panda bears?Show AnswerWhat is the primary food of Koala bears?Show AnswerWhich animal can store water in its body?Show AnswerWhich is the only continent in which giraffes live?Show AnswerWhich is the smallest dog breed?Show AnswerWhich is the largest dog breed?Show AnswerWhat is the world's largest land animal?Show AnswerHow many legs does a spider have?Show AnswerHow many hearts does an octopus have?Show AnswerWhat is the world's largest animal?Show AnswerIs a shark a fish or a mammal?Show AnswerHow many eyes does a spider have?Show AnswerWhat is the largest shark species?Show AnswerFrom what fish does caviar come from?Show AnswerWhat is the fastest bird in the world?Show AnswerBack to top