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Bible Trivia

Bible trivia questions may not be the most commonly sought-after, but they provide a wonderful opportunity for families to share their knowledge of the Bible, and their Christian faith. These questions span across both the Old and New Testament books, and include trivia questions for kids and adults alike. Don't forget to also check the Christmas trivia section.

In which city was Jesus Christ born?Show AnswerWho baptized Jesus Christ?Show AnswerIn which river was Jesus Christ baptized?Show AnswerHow old did Noah live to be?Show AnswerWhich prophet was set afloat on the river Nile as a baby?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the hill on top of which Jesus Christ was crusified?Show AnswerHow many days did Jesus spend in the desert?Show AnswerHow many people ended up on Noah's Ark?Show AnswerWhat type of wood did Noah use to build the Ark?Show AnswerWhat weapon did Samson use to kill a thousand Philestines at Lehi?Show AnswerHow many books are there in the New Testament?Show AnswerWho asked Pilate for Jesus Christ's body after the crusifixtion?Show AnswerIn what language was the original language in which the New Testament was written?Show AnswerWhose ear was cut off at the time of Jesus Christ's arrest?Show AnswerWho went to the tomb of Jesus Christ to anoint his body?Show AnswerHow many wise men come to visit Jesus Christ when he was just born?Show AnswerWhat is the oldest Christian nation?Show AnswerHow did the Three Magi know that Jesus Christ had been born?Show AnswerWho was the father of Jesus Christ?Show AnswerTo whose conception does 'The Immaculate Conception' Refer?Show AnswerHow many of each animal did Noah take on the Ark?Show AnswerWho received ten commandments from God?Show AnswerWhat is the name of Jesus Christ's mother?Show AnswerWhat was Joseph's (Jesus Christ's father) occupation?Show AnswerWhat was the name of the angel that visited Mary to tell that she would be pregnant with baby Jesus?Show AnswerWhat did the dove bring Noah when it returned?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the garden in which Jesus Christ was arrested?Show AnswerWhat was Peter's occupation?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the town in which Jesus Christ turned water into wine?Show AnswerBack to top