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Christmas Trivia

Christmas trivia can be fun all year round. Kids are always looking forward to Christmas for the toys and presents, but maybe with a bit of trivia they can be reminded what we celebrate, and help make Christmas a more spiritual time of the year. Don't forget to also check the Bible trivia section.

Where does Santa Claus live?Show AnswerWhich Reindeer has a red nose?Show AnswerWhat is Santa Claus' favorite snack?Show AnswerWho was the author of A Christmas Carol?Show AnswerWhat is the popular beverage consumed around Christmas?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the sweet bread, from Italy, traditionally eaten during the Christmas season?Show AnswerWhat are the two other names for Santa Claus?Show AnswerWho did once steal Christmas?Show AnswerIn which country did the tradition of the Christmas tree develop?Show AnswerIn what year was Christmas declared a federal holiday in the United States?Show AnswerFrom which country did eggnog originate?Show AnswerWhat color are the berries of the mistletoe plant?Show AnswerWhose eyes are made of coal?Show AnswerWhat horoscope sign would you be if your birthday was on Christmas day?Show AnswerWhich reindeer has a name starting with the letter 'B'?Show AnswerHow many times does Santa Claus check his list?Show AnswerWho makes the toys that Santa Claus delivers on Christmas?Show AnswerWhat is Scrooge's first name?Show AnswerWhat color is the Grinch?Show AnswerIncluding Rudolph, how many reindeer does Santa Claus have?Show AnswerWhat are small inexpensive Christmas gifts called?Show AnswerWhat is the most popular Christmas tree topper?Show AnswerWhat do most elves have on the tip of their shoes?Show AnswerWhat is the capital city of Canada?Show AnswerWhat is the largest ocean in the world?Show AnswerWhat is the longest river in Africa?Show AnswerWhich continent is known as the 'Land Down Under'?Show AnswerWhat is the largest desert in the world?Show AnswerWhat is the highest mountain in the world?Show AnswerWhich city is known as the 'Eternal City'?Show AnswerBack to top