Trivia Questionstrivia for kids & adults


Where are the trivia questions from?

Each trivia question has been developed based on research into not only what is popular among lovers of trivia, but what would make the game fun as well as challenging for families.

Do you update the questions regularly?

The trivia questions and answers are always being expanded. I don?t generally remove any questions, but may correct and expand answers if I get better information from my own research or based on input from users.

Does it cost anything to use the website?

No. The site is made available free of charge for users.

Can I user your trivia questions on my own site (or elsewhere)?

Yes. You can republish individual questions, but I ask that the entire collection not be repurposed its entirety. I?d also appreciate a link back as a means of providing credit.

Do you take submissions from users?

I will take recommendations into consideration, and incorporate them into the collection if I find them to be a good fit.