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History Trivia

History trivia is a big favorite since both kids and adults have a fair shot at knowing many of the answers, thanks to history classes and documentaries. Be careful though, we have snuck in some obscure questions as well. See how well you know your history of this wonderful world of ours.

In which country are the Great Pyramids located?Show AnswerWho was the first president of the United StatesShow AnswerFrom what material were George Washington's false teeth made?Show AnswerDuring the second Punic Wars, what animal did Hannibal use to cross the Alps?Show AnswerWhat is the oldest system of laws?Show AnswerWhat is the first city to reach a population of 1 million?Show AnswerWhich founding father is known for his conspicuous signature on the Declaration of Independence?Show AnswerWho was the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?Show AnswerWhat is the shortest war to ever take place?Show AnswerWho invented Arabic numerals?Show AnswerWhich Ancient Greek historian is generally considered to be the 'Father of History'?Show AnswerHow many British colonies where in the original United States?Show AnswerWhich explorer was the first person to circumnavigate the globe?Show AnswerWhat is the first country to have used printed paper currency?Show AnswerPrior to 1917 Finland was part of which country?Show AnswerWho was the first man in space?Show AnswerAccording to Norse mythology, who is the god of thunder?Show AnswerWho was the first US President to be impeached?Show AnswerWhich Greek philosopher had Alexander the Great as a pupil?Show AnswerWho was the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom?Show AnswerWhich country financed Christopher Columbus' 1492 journey?Show AnswerAccording to legend, Romulus & Remus founded which city?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the nurse who became known for her selfless care of the wounded during The Crimean War?Show AnswerSiddhartha Gautama is believed to be the founder of what major world religion?Show AnswerBack to top