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Movie Trivia

Ah, the silver screen. Movie trivia is popular all around, because everyone has seen the most popular of movies, and knows a thing or two about them. But watch out for our little known movie trivia--perhaps even the movie buffs among you won?t be able to guess the answer.

What is the longest movie ever made?Show AnswerWhat is the first rule of Fight Club?Show AnswerIn Citizen Kane, who or what is "Rosebud"?Show AnswerWhich movie earned Stanley Kubrick a Razzie for worst director?Show AnswerFrom which movie is the quote "May the Force be with you."?Show AnswerWhat is the name of Rocky Balboa's dog?Show AnswerThe Shaw Redemption was based on a book written by which famous author?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the school which Harry Potter attends?Show AnswerWho directed the movie Godfather?Show AnswerIn what material was Han Solo encased in, in the movie Star Wars?Show AnswerWho played the lead female role in the movie Titanic?Show AnswerWhat are the colors of the pills that Morpheus offers Neo in the movie Matrix?Show AnswerWhat is the name of Han Solo's spaceship?Show AnswerIn which 1984 movie did Linda Hamilton play the role of Sarah Connor?Show AnswerWhat type of animal is Abu in the Disney film Aladdin?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the prince in Sleeping Beauty?Show AnswerWhat do the penguins in Happy Feet love to do?Show AnswerWhat is Violet's superpower in the movie The Incredibles?Show AnswerIn which movie is there a character named 'Lightning McQueen'?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the villain in the movie 101 Dalmatians?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the princess in the movie Frozen?Show AnswerWhat color dresses are the fairies in Sleeping Beauty wearing?Show AnswerWhat is Sleeping Beauty's real name?Show AnswerBack to top