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Trivia Questions for Kids

This is a growing collection of kid-friendly trivia of varying difficulty--of course they are not so difficult to take the fun out of playing trivia with the family. I hope that you enjoy the questions, and look forward to getting your feedback and suggestions.

How long does it take for the moon to go around the Earth?Show AnswerWhat is the longest river in the World?Show AnswerWhat is the largest ocean in the World?Show AnswerHow many hours are there in one day?Show AnswerHow many seconds are there in one minute?Show AnswerWhat is ice made of?Show AnswerWhich farm animals sleep while standing up?Show AnswerWhat colors are the United States flag?Show AnswerHow many stars are on the United States flag?Show AnswerHow many stripes are on the United States flag?Show AnswerWhat is the tallest animal in the World?Show AnswerWhat is the fastest land animal?Show AnswerIn which country are the Great Pyramids located?Show AnswerIn what city is the Eiffel Tower located?Show AnswerWhat is the only fruit that has its seeds on the outside?Show AnswerWhat type of animal are the great white, and the hammerhead?Show AnswerWhich planet is closest to the Sun?Show AnswerHow many bones are in the human body?Show AnswerHow many teeth does an adult human have?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the largest planet in the Solar System?Show AnswerWhat type of animal can live both on land and in the water?Show AnswerWhat are clouds made of?Show AnswerWhat does a caterpillar change into as an adult?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the galaxy where the Solar System is located?Show AnswerWhich plant has the nickname 'The Red Planet'?Show AnswerWhat are animals which only eat meat called?Show AnswerWhat are animals which only eat plants called?Show AnswerWho invented the telephone?Show AnswerWho invented the light bulb?Show AnswerWhat are animals that feed milk to their young called?Show AnswerWhat is the primary food of Panda bears?Show AnswerWhat is the primary food of Koala bears?Show AnswerWhich animal can store water in its body?Show AnswerWhat is the largest state in the United States?Show AnswerWhat is the largest country in the World?Show AnswerWhich country has the largest population?Show AnswerWhich is the only continent in which giraffes live?Show AnswerWhich is the smallest dog breed?Show AnswerWhich is the largest dog breed?Show AnswerWhat is the world's largest land animal?Show AnswerWhat is the top color in a rainbow?Show AnswerHow many legs does a spider have?Show AnswerHow many hearts does an octopus have?Show AnswerWhere does Santa Claus live?Show AnswerWhich Reindeer has a red nose?Show AnswerWhat is the world's largest animal?Show AnswerWhere is the smallest bone in the human body?Show AnswerWhat occurs first during a storm, thunder or lightning?Show AnswerIs a shark a fish or a mammal?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the force that Sir Isaac Newton discovered after watching an apple fall from the tree?Show AnswerHow many eyes does a spider have?Show AnswerOn the map of the world, which country looks like a boot?Show AnswerWhat is the tallest mountain in the world?Show AnswerWhat three colors are the French Flag?Show AnswerWhat three colors are the Italian Flag?Show AnswerHow many zeros are there in one million?Show AnswerIn which city in Italy, is the famous leaning tower located?Show AnswerWhich Italian city is famous for its many canals?Show AnswerWhat is the national sport of Canada?Show AnswerHow many players from each team start a soccer game?Show AnswerWhat is the largest desert in the world?Show AnswerHow many planets are in the solar system?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the planet in our solar system that has rings around it?Show AnswerWhat is the capital of the United States?Show AnswerWho was the first president of the United StatesShow AnswerHow many continents are there?Show AnswerWhat are the five human senses?Show AnswerWhat is Santa Claus' favorite snack?Show AnswerWhat happens to water when it is boiled?Show AnswerHow many colors are there in a rainbow?Show AnswerWhat shape is the full moon?Show AnswerWhich prophet was set afloat on the river Nile as a baby?Show AnswerHow many days did Jesus spend in the desert?Show AnswerHow many people ended up on Noah's Ark?Show AnswerWhat type of wood did Noah use to build the Ark?Show AnswerWhat weapon did Samson use to kill a thousand Philestines at Lehi?Show AnswerHow many books are there in the New Testament?Show AnswerHow many wise men come to visit Jesus Christ when he was just born?Show AnswerWho was the father of Jesus Christ?Show AnswerTo whose conception does 'The Immaculate Conception' Refer?Show AnswerHow many of each animal did Noah take on the Ark?Show AnswerWho received ten commandments from God?Show AnswerWhat is the name of Jesus Christ's mother?Show AnswerWhat was Joseph's (Jesus Christ's father) occupation?Show AnswerWhat was the name of the angel that visited Mary to tell that she would be pregnant with baby Jesus?Show AnswerWhat did the dove bring Noah when it returned?Show AnswerWhat was Peter's occupation?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the town in which Jesus Christ turned water into wine?Show AnswerWhat is the popular beverage consumed around Christmas?Show AnswerWho did once steal Christmas?Show AnswerWhose eyes are made of coal?Show AnswerWhich reindeer has a name starting with the letter 'B'?Show AnswerHow many times does Santa Claus check his list?Show AnswerWho makes the toys that Santa Claus delivers on Christmas?Show AnswerWhat is Scrooge's first name?Show AnswerWhat color is the Grinch?Show AnswerIncluding Rudolph, how many reindeer does Santa Claus have?Show AnswerWhat are small inexpensive Christmas gifts called?Show AnswerWhat is the most popular Christmas tree topper?Show AnswerWhat do most elves have on the tip of their shoes?Show AnswerHow many British colonies where in the original United States?Show AnswerWhat is the first country to have used printed paper currency?Show AnswerWho was the first man in space?Show AnswerAccording to Norse mythology, who is the god of thunder?Show AnswerWhich country financed Christopher Columbus' 1492 journey?Show AnswerFrom which movie is the quote "May the Force be with you."?Show AnswerIn what material was Han Solo encased in, in the movie Star Wars?Show AnswerWhat is the name of Han Solo's spaceship?Show AnswerWhat type of animal is Abu in the Disney film Aladdin?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the prince in Sleeping Beauty?Show AnswerWhat do the penguins in Happy Feet love to do?Show AnswerWhat is Violet's superpower in the movie The Incredibles?Show AnswerIn which movie is there a character named 'Lightning McQueen'?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the villain in the movie 101 Dalmatians?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the princess in the movie Frozen?Show AnswerWhat color dresses are the fairies in Sleeping Beauty wearing?Show AnswerWhat is Sleeping Beauty's real name?Show AnswerWhat is the fastest bird in the world?Show AnswerWhat is the name of the second largest planet in the Solar System?Show AnswerBack to top